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Supplying outstanding quality Fabric Finishing Machineries, ensuring the best performance through innovative processes in steaming, washing and digital textile printing.

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Green Approach

Arioli is committed to combine quality and production efficiency with respect for the environment.
We develop "green processes" in order to reduce consumption and minimize the environmental impact, without jeopardizing performances.
We offer eco-sustainable processes guaranteed by ACIMIT "Green Label".


Arioli history timeline

Founded in 1953, the engineering company Arioli started its activity by building suitable machinery for fabric finishing. In 1957 the first continuous steam ager was produced and installed in Italy.

After the first excellent results, Arioli had to sustain an intensive production phase as the first patents crossed the Italian borders. At the beginning of the ‘70s, the company expanded its commercial network and started widening its product range, settling a full line offer – Steaming, Washing and Drying – during the ‘80s. The success of its products made Arioli reach the global international presence in the ‘90s.

In 2003 Arioli’s engineers designed a brand new steamer, Vapo 2003: this system was able to guarantee an excellent steaming treatment, high productivity and great performances.
The innovative Vapo 2008 was built in 2008, as result of a continuous research for improvements in design, technology and mechanics.

In 2012 Arioli designed and produced Arioprint, the first digital printing machine by Arioli.
The outstanding steaming system Vapo Hybrid Eco, suitable for both traditional and digital printed fabric, was built in 2019.

Today, Arioli is the only worldwide partner able to provide the complete line of machinery for Printing, Steaming, Washing and Drying.

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