Company Press Release, May 11th 2020

Further to market stagnation due to covid-19 pandemic, Arioli SpA hereby informs that it has voluntarily started proceedings to enter into an agreement with the creditors aimed at debt-restructuring pursuant to Art. 182 bis Italian L.F. The aim is to minimize bank debts and strength the balance sheet within the next six months.

We trust that this proceedings shall keep the company in good health in the long term, helping it to overcome the current market crisis without suffering creditors’ attack and, once pandemic is over, re-start stronger than ever.

The current order portfolio grants production continuity until the end of this year and allows Arioli to keep working even during the crisis and for the entire foreseeable length of the proceedings, until a debt-restructuring agreement is reached.

Arioli has been in the marketplace for seventy years and has overcome even more difficult situations than the current one thanks to a competent team and a network of qualified agents and suppliers.

We confirm that our employees, our agents and our suppliers keep working regularly to sell, produce and deliver our machines.
We trust that our clients, well aware of the value of Arioli’s products, shall keep supporting us in this phase. Thank you.


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