ArioPrint now fully supports PrintFactory RIP!

We are proud to announce that thanks to the joint development of the R&D departments of Arioli and PrintFactory, our ArioPrint digital printing machine is fully compatible with the PrintFactory RIP specifically developed for the textile sector.

Our machine is now officially able to support PrintFactory’s Industrial Textile solution that comes with easy and yet powerful intuitive tools to enable speedy setup and perfect quality output to the full class leading XML based automation for Web-to-Print and MIS/ERP integration, showing unrivalled tracking and reporting capabilities and a world-class Colour Engine in a cloud-based suite.

Among the advantages of PrintFactory RIP:
1) Lightning-fast speed and data processing and far superior to any other RIP in a head-to-head comparison. Possibility to work on the next job immediately (without completing the printing in process), and a full support of client-server architecture. Up simultan+ multi plat+ RIP & Printed, RIP clustering to 1 printer;
2) Total support of all platforms and all files + xml;
3) Specifically developed for the textile sector – the possibility of going all over the printed width – no width limitation up to 1kms1kms, step & repeat features;
4) Possibility of color sampling – big suite of colour atlases, colour samples on the machine, also on a proofer, build on bespoke atlases,+ + article management, etc;
5) Degree and quality of color fidelity – full consistency for colour/saturation, Textile & DTG colour specific tools, ensuring the maximum colour saturation whilst saving on ink consumption.


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