Innoecology is the standard machine for rope fabric dyeing process designed and produced by Brazzoli.
The continuous innovation has made this machine a leader in terms of dyeing quality and uniformity and reduced environmental impact.

  Light shades Middle shades Dark shades
    Basis knit cotton 100% - reactive process
    Fabric absorption: 200%
Water l/kg 20 - 22 25 - 26 28 - 32
Steam Kg Steam/ kg Fabric 1,1 1,2 1,7
Electric energy kW 0,11 0,12 0,13
Process time
(including loading and unloading)
h and min 4:20 4:40 5:00
    Final liquor ratio: 3,8

The bath motion system has a transversal flow, different to the one normally used on conventional machines. This system, called Innotechnology (Brazzoli patent), allows to perfectly standardize and homogenize the bath treatment, obtaining an evenly dyed fabric.

The bath uniformity is also guaranteed by the nozzle feeding system (Brazzoli patent), cutting out all differences of flow between nozzles, due to preferential ways, non-homogeneous distributions or capacity decreases depending on the distance.

The minimum bath ratio determination system enables the process with the lowest amount of water and energy required. Innoecology is able to guarantee the minimum bath ratio required without the need of an operator set-up.  

The innovative multifunctional bath MBT internally integrates both the functionalities of the preparation tank (PPB), as well as those of the second chemical tank (Brazzoli patent): this allows space saving in the dyeing plant, dosing directly from the preparation tank and, consequently, solving the tank volume problem of salt and sulphates dissolution.





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