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Ecologic Plus

Ecologic Plus

After the launch at ITMA, Ecologic Plus is now available.

Ecologic Plus is the evolution of Brazzoli dyeing machine Ecologic, designed for light and heavy rope fabric dyeing.

The innovations inserted in the new Ecologic Plus allow to increase even more its total automatization.
Brazzoli has created the new O.P.S. (Optimized Performance System) to replace the traditional system W.S.S., allowing an even better liquor recirculation control.
The fabric handling system has been revised to increase the fabric speed, avoiding any pilling and crease marks problems even in the most delicate fabric.
Machine solidity has reached an even higher level, the maintenance process has been changed, drastically reducing down times and consequently optimizing production cycles.
Performances are confirmed at market top.

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ECOLOGIC PLUS - Another step forward in the future

Thanks to the new technology of its Ecologic Plus, Brazzoli has entered into a new supply contract with the Esquel Group, China's leader for the production of fabric and apparel, using numerous Brazzoli machines of the previous series.

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Brazzoli has introduced the new technology of its Ecologic Plus rope dyeing machines to Bangladesh thanks to the recent agreement with METRO KNITTING & DYEING MILLS LTD, thus recovering its collaboration with one of the leading fabric man…

Sep 2017

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Incoming Mission from Bangladesh – 18th July 2017

As part of promotional activities planned for 2017 in support of the textile machinery sector, ICE (Agency for the Promotion Abroad and Internationalization of Italian Companies), in collaboration with the ACIMIT Association, has organized…

Jul 2017

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