Founded in the late sixties in Senago, near Milan, the Brazzoli company is globally recognized as an important landmark in the construction of machinery with high technological content for the treatment of fabrics in rope form.

During the eighties, the research and development activity allowed the company to optimize the industrial process of discontinued dyeing, rendering the proposed products a technological reference in the world.

The synergistic relationship with users, thanks to the consultation of skilled technologists, allows extremely innovative applications on their products, besides a constant satisfaction of customer’s need.

In 2012 Brazzoli became part of the Arioli Group, strengthening its abilities of market penetration as well as assistance and support to worldwide customers.






Product development

Identified as the company with the most proven experience in the overflow and jet sector for fabric dyeing, Brazzoli is now able to offer customers a solution for every type of product and need.

The company's efforts are now directed to the application of innovative solutions reducing energy consumption, in addition to optimization of the treatment cycles.

The Innotechnology system, patented by Brazzoli, is present on all machines to ensure an homogeneous bath motion through the entire length of the machine through an innovative transverse movement of the same.

Mission and vision

From local companies to an attractive international group:

  • Competitiveness
  • Good attitude
  • Teamwork

This is what we are.

Arioli Group.


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