ArioPrint is the digital textile printing machine designed and produced by Arioli.
The ongoing research for new technical solutions, combined with Arioli experience in finishing process, has enabled the production of a scan machine for digital textile printing, designed for printers’ needs.

Resolution   dpi 300 x 300 600 x 600 900 x 900 1200 x 1200
Printing mode Mono-Directional/Bi-Directional/Multipass
Productivity 30 kHz - 20 kHz m2/h 1000 - 900 433 - 346 218 - 148 122 - 90
Printing width mm 2000

The stiffness of the steel monolithic structure ensures essential precision for optimum printing results guaranteed over time.

The aramid fiber belt and  relative positioning system through a very high resolution encoder, guarantees precise fabric feeding  and high quality printing.

The use of optical fibres brings to a high speed and data transfer between PC and printing heads. Moreover, thanks to the technology used, ArioPrint is not affected by "classical" electromagnetic interferences, thus avoiding possible data transmission problems and consequent interruptions/errors of printing.

The hardware and software planning and programming  allows an easy and intuitive use of the machine  even for less experienced operators.





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