Twister is the new Arioli product for tensionless drying of knitted fabric in tubular or open width, woven fabric, and knits with elastomers.
The experience and constant contact with final users have enabled Arioli to define all the necessary details for obtaining soft, voluminous and high quality fabric.

  1S 2S 3S
Roller width cm 200 - 260 200 - 260 200 - 260
Installed power heat Kcal/h 150.000 - 340.000 300.000 - 680.000 500.000 - 1.000.000
Chamber temperature °C 165 165 165
Recircuatled Air m3/l 30.000 - 60.000 60.000 - 120.000 90.000 - 180.000

The fabric inlet and outlet of the machine are located on the same side of the dryer: this enables one single operator to easily control fabric loading /unloading without problems.
The internal parameters of temperature and humidity are constantly under control and automatically kept stable by means of a PLC according to the inserted, programmed and saved indications of the different recallable recipes. In this way the drying degree remains uniform on the entire length of the fabric.

The uniformity of the drying degree on the whole fabric width is guaranteed by the dryer modularity, capable of varying the hot air flow in the different sections.

The new nozzle box system with built-in air flow guidance of different geometries, generates an air flow vertically crossing the fabric, adding softness and volume to the same by means of the efficient and well known “Tumble Effect”.

The filters are designed to be easily cleaned without stopping the machine, thus optimizing production.




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