UniWash is the actual washing line for knitted/woven open width fabric designed and produced by Arioli
The experience gained in the past decades and the continuous innovation has allowed the Uniwash tank to wash even the most delicate fabrics up to the desired degree.

  Uni11 Tank Cat3 Tank Cat5 Tank
Roller Width mm 2200 - 2600 2200 - 2600 2200 - 2600
Mechanical Speed m/min 60 60 60
Water Content l 800 3000 5000
Water Recirculation l/h 100.000 100.000 100.000

Thanks to the different loading/unloading options, it is possible to insert/remove fabric both from trolleys and rolls. These options are also provided with very accurate expanding and centering devices.

Even the most delicate fabrics are washed without being ruined thanks to Acquajet, a patented system with water blades that uniformly wash both fabric sides (front and rear), with minimum risks of clogging compared to a traditional nozzle system. 

The frequent water recirculation inside the tank is guaranteed by a 100.000 l/h pump capable of obtaining efficient and delicate fabric cleaning thanks to the low pressure generated.  

Washing quality is maintained at high level thanks to the constant measurement system of several parameters (pH, fabric tension, soap and chemicals concentration) and their consequent automatic regulation.

This PLC based system is complete with an easy to use software interface available on touch screen, by means of which it is also possible to save, edit and recall existing recipes.




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