Flash Ager

Flash Ager is the steamer for two phase printing, designed and produced by Arioli.
Simple, compact and efficient, allows great flexibility of use for Indanthrene and reactive dye fixation.

  Flash Ager
Fabric Content m 10 - 18
Mechanical Speed m/min 5 - 50
Process Temperature °C 130 - 150
Dwelling Time sec 12 - 220

The steamer special design does not allow air circulation inside the steam and permits the pad mangle installation immediately underneath the machine inlet, obtaining an ideal process for indanthrene and reactive dye fixation. This product is ideal for military camouflage clothes that require a rapid fixation.

The external framework has been designed to have a constant external heating and an internal continuous steam drop. In this way IR pre-heating is no longer necessary, the system becomes easier to use and, at the same time, obtains a reduction in operational costs.

In the first printing phase, pad mangle has a special cleaning blade useful for maintaining the system efficient and to maximize production quality.

The dimensions of the Flash Ager and the limited need of utility connections makes the installation of this machine very easy, even in workshops with limited space, adding this processing option to the existing machine.




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