MiniVapo 80

Minivapo80 is the ideal steamer for those who have reduced fabric volumes to be fixed, for both traditional and digital printing.
Minivapo80 was born from the experience of the high capacity steamers, keeping quality and process unchanged as a common recognition sign of the Arioli products.

Fabric Content m 80
Roller width mm 2200 - 2600 - 3600
Mechanical Speed m/min 20
Steam consumption kg/h 200 - 400

The special loop formation device excludes any direct contact with the printed side. In this way also the most delicate corrosive discharge or digital prints can be treated avoiding rubbing, marking or color transfer.

Internal ventilation, together with the steam control system (saturated/superheated), obtain a perfectly uniform steam distribution, avoiding turbulences, maintaining stable loops and preserving, at the same time, drawings as well as print theme quality.

The steam quality inside the chamber is guaranteed by the continuous recirculation and injection of optimal quality steam. The stability of these parameters allows the best chromatic yield possible.

The automatic and monitored managing system allows even the less experienced operators to reach optimal results. All the parameters influencing the color fixation process are constantly monitored and managed by an electronic system with PLC, allowing to create, save, edit and recall existing recipes.




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