Vapo 2015

Vapo2015 represents the world state of art steamer thanks to Arioli’s great experience, gained and developed in the production of thousands of units.
The characteristics of this product allow to use this machine in all the continuous color fixation process lines.

  200 250 350 400 450 500
Fabric Content m 200 250 350 400 450 500
Roller Width mm 2200 – 2600 - 3600
Mechanical Speed m/min 40 50 70 70 70 80
Steam Consumption kg/h 400 - 600 450 - 700 500 - 800 600 - 1000 700 - 1000 800 - 1100

Internal ventilation and steam control system (saturated/superheated) assure a perfectly uniform steam distribution, avoiding turbulences, maintaining the loops stable and preserving drawings and print theme quality.

The steam quality in the chamber is guaranteed by the continuous recirculation and injection of optimal quality steam. The constancy of these parameters helps to maintain the best chromatic yield possible.

The automatic and monitored managing system allows even the less experienced operators to reach optimal results. All the parameters influencing the color fixation process are constantly monitored and managed by an electronic system with PLC, allowing to create, save, edit and recall existing recipes.

Furthermore, an innovative loop handling system is available that regulates the optimal distance between the sticks required for the different printing and fabric needs (traditional and digital). This system is automatically adjustable, no need for machine stops or waiting time between the two settings. The adjustment is immediate and easy for the optimization of the whole process.




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