Founded in 1953, the engineering company Arioli Spa started its activity, supporting textile industries of Milan and Como, by building suitable machinery for fabric printing.

After the first excellent results, Arioli had to sustain a frenetic and intensive productive phase and the first patents crossed the Italian borders, achieving the international vocation of the company

At the beginning of the seventies the company consolidated its commercial network, supporting Italian and foreign customers in the optimization of production processes and reached the international reputation in the nineties.



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Product development

All the experience and technological expertise of more than half a century of activity, have made Arioli synonymous of quality and excellence and a great reference in the world of textile finishing.

Since 1957, year of birth of the first steam ager in the world able to work continuously, Arioli initiated a change intended to disrupt the textile field production processes and leave a mark in the history of the brand.

The years of 1960 brought an increase in the range of products: from the birth of the first loop and conveyor dryer to the creation of the continuous open width washing lines.

The construction in 2002 of the first Arioli Brand machinery for the industrial process of plasma textiles consolidated the role of excellence in the brand sector.

Currently Arioli is developing products dedicated to digital printing, the new frontier with ample margin of development, with the intention of confirming the role of leadership acquired over the years.

Mission and vision

From local companies to an attractive international group:

  • Competitiveness
  • Good attitude
  • Teamwork

This is what we are.

Arioli SpA.


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